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February 22, 2017

Web DM: Paladins Overview

The fine & just gentlemen at WebDM bring us another great video about DnD 5e classes. This time they cover Paladins. Their Dungeons…

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We try to provide tabletop gaming, video game, book reviews, TV show reviews, and Dungeons & Dragons information. Please contact us if you’re interested in being an author.

DndNewsTricks & ToolsVideosWebDM
February 13, 2017

Web DM had an Impromptu Live Stream yesterday

The lads at WebDM must have had the DnD fever yesterday, treating us with an impromptu live stream answering questions and talking Dungeons…
January 29, 2017

Acquisitions Incorporated Video at PAX South 2017

Acquisitions Incorporated are back with a Video for PAX South 2017 First of all, What a welcome sight for some winter-bleary eyes. I…
DndNewsTricks & ToolsVideosWebDM
December 7, 2016

WebDM: Covering DnD 5e Rogues

The gentlemen at WebDM bring us another great video about DnD 5e classes. This time they cover sneaky ass rogues and their sneaky…
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We Are Proud to Introduce a New Custom Game Mechanic

Built off core 5e rule sets, our new game mechanic, “The Acts of Dissension“, gives more focus to melee job options while reworking magic and introducing some new class archetypes. The end result allows melee classes to keep pace with damage scaling of magic users at higher levels.

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Meet a few of our playable classes