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July 2015

BalthazarDndNewsTricks & Tools
July 31, 2015

Why You Should Be Running a “Cloud” Game… (Part 1)

Why You Should Be Running a "Cloud" Game... (Part 1) So, way back in the misty dawn of time (the 1970s), people gamed a lot differently than today.  D&D was…
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DndNeverWinter Cloud
July 28, 2015

Neverwinter Game Post 6

Session 6: A precarious Series of Bounties (not complete) Our tale takes place in the ruined city of Neverwinter, a nexus of brave adventurers hoping to forge their destiny within…
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DndNeverWinter Cloud
July 10, 2015

Neverwinter Session 6: PROLOGUE

Session 6: Prologue: A Giant Task Orson sprinted forward occasionally leaping over the remnants of once great gravestones and brick lined pathways- the area was a cemetery before the fall of Neverwinter, but now it had stones and rubble strewn about. His chest burned from running and dirty sweat stung his eyes, but his boots continued to carry him forward.…
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