Alright fellow geeks, Acquisitions Incorporated’s weekly series (presented by Penny Arcade and WOTC) comes to an exciting conclusion today at PAX West. A few cities will be showing it live in select theaters across the nation. Sadly, I do not reside in one such city. (you can learn more by clicking this link)

I’d anticipate this live play to feature material from Storm King’s Thunder, which hit shelves earlier this week. I picked up the adventure a few days ago and hope to review it in the near future. I am also very interested to see how the AL appearance works out- will Wil Wheaton make an appearance? I doubt it but you never know. Sorry, but I hope 19 is not enough. Give me Rothfuss any day of the week (but please finish book 3 of KKC).

Watch Acquisitions Incorporated Live on Twitch.

6:00 PM PST | 8:00 PM CST

Watch live video from PAX on

View the exciting trailer



Check out the second part of the weekly series listed below.It has been a fun series and I hope they elect to do a weekly installment. It really helps me get my D&D fix while waiting for our group to do another session.

Or watch the previous eight episodes from a previous post.