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September 2015

BalthazarDndtablesTricks & Tools
September 24, 2015

Carousing Tables Galore

FREE DnD Carousing Tables | More tables than an IKEA Balthazar has created numerous carousing tables that can be used while a character is experiencing downtime or leveling.  Players can…
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DndmapsNewsTricks & Tools
September 12, 2015


FREE Tabletop Map & Encounter | Need a Setting for your next D&D encounter? Try this military Outpost with Defense Scenario | ↓ Link to map below Generally a game…
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BalthazarDndNewsTricks & Tools
September 10, 2015

Why You Should Be Running a “Cloud” Game… (Part 4)

Why You Should Be Running a Cloud Game (Part 4) Missed the earlier three parts of this series?  Wondering what all this stuff about a "cloud" role-playing campaign is?  Start…
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DndNewsTricks & Tools
September 9, 2015

What is your favorite music while gaming?

My favorite battle music and exploration music for tabletop gaming Everyone knows that music can set the atmosphere of anything.  Some of my first memories of playing D&D are intertwined…
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BalthazarDndNewsTricks & Tools
September 7, 2015

Try Balthazar’s Level 0 Table

Balthazar posted a great table and post for starting your campaign's PCs at level 0. Playing in a campaign now where we all had to use this table.  The randomness…
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