My favorite battle music and exploration music for tabletop gaming

Everyone knows that music can set the atmosphere of anything.  Some of my first memories of playing D&D are intertwined with the music that I listened to while we gamed.  I was a young teenager, and like many kids that age, just discovering the sound I really liked.  Certain songs like familiar smells bring back memories in a strong way.  We all love tabletopaudio, but I think we all have our “battle music” as well.


With that said, I present my top 5 gaming soundtracks or songs…

1.) Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack, Basil Poledouris

My top pick.  This whole album kicks ass from front to back and is an excellent game soundtrack.  I think this is the best composed soundtrack of all time.  Poledouris created an epic piece.


2.) MCMXD, Enigma

My penultimate choice.  This was our dungeon crawling din in the early and mid 90’s and it still makes a great soundtrack to any adventure.


3.) Station, Russian Circles

What a fantastic album. A guy at work showed me this gem and it is amazing from front to back.  The layered guitar, the drums and bass- it kicks all kinds of ass.  A must listen!

4.) Orion & Call of Ktulu, Metallica

Remember earlier when I said I discovered a lot of music at the time I started gaming.  Metallica was near the top of the list.  Their older stuff is so good (and eye opening at the time), I had to list two “melt your face” instrumentals.  Great for battles!


5.) Final Fantasy Soundtrack, Square

We all had our favorites, but FFXI took the cake for me.  I spent hours, no weeks, no months of time on this game.  While I loved playing it, it got in the way of life.  Here is two hours of great background noise for your next session.

So what music do you game to?