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Generally a game session is going to have a major encounter and a minor encounter or two.  This map can function for both purposes.  Depending on your PCs, they could be attacking the outpost or defending it.  The choice of aggressor or defender is up to you and your players.  I like defense.

Outpost Pyke is a small military outpost that has seen undead and orcish raids in the past year.  It is made of mortared stone and has 20′ walls with a 10′ wooden fence surrounding it (a series of 10′ tall and 1′ wide tree trunks placed into the ground).  It has one commanding officer, 2 soldiers, a local lord’s son and a local cleric.  It’s stables house 5 horses and there are enough provisions for 3 fortnights.  It contains a small smithy shop & targets for military practice.  There is housing for 8 including 2 sets of bunks in the soldiers quarters. It’s armory has 2 extra chainmail hauberks, 4 kite shields, 6 pikes, 4 shortswords, 2 hand axes, 3 daggers and 6 longbows with 250 arrows.

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So who inhabits Outpost Pyke?

Obviously you can have the outpost populated with any NPCs you want.  Maybe it is a dark encounter: an evil empire, maybe it was taken over by bandits, overrun by orcs, doppelgangers!  Your creativity can determine the encounter but here is a list of NPCs for a standard “We’re under attack!” scenario.  This encounter would be for levels 1-3, anything higher and you’ll have to scale the NPCs accordingly.


The Outpost Commanding Officer

Sergeant Vaile Hestro 4th level fighter

HP 36 | AC 16 | +3 hit | great sword: 2d6 +3 dmg. | all saves are +2 | 19-20 crit.

A large and muscular man of great skill and military prowess.  He has gray peppering his hair, a good sense of humor with a strong push for duty & honor.  He has commanded the outpost for 2 years with his two soldiers and friends (see below).  He can train your PC fighters if need be.  It is said that he once killed a troll single handed.


Outpost Soldiers

Tompkin the Smith 2nd level fighter

HP 23 | AC 17 | +2 hit | great hammer: 1d10 +3 dmg. | all saves +1

Tompkins is the outpost blacksmith and can repair and mend PCs weapons and armor… for a nominal fee.  Tompkins is a good man, if a little on the rough side.  He never met a curse word he didn’t like.


Sullen Faust 2rd level archer

HP 20 | AC 15 | +3 hit bow, +1 melee | longbow: 1d8 +2 or shortsword: 1d6 +1  | all saves +2

Sullen Faust is an archer and woodsman who likes to man the ramparts, raining arrows on his foes.  He is generally quiet and stoic (often answering questions or adding to conversations with an approving grunt) ,but is a cunning and a likable fellow.


Outpost Guests

Arturiun of House Sydel 1st level fighter

HP 12 | AC 16 | +2 hit | longsword: 1d8/1d10 +2 dmg. | all saves +1

1 Healing Potion and a +1 longsword

House Sydel is located near the fort, Ser Lord Sydel sent his second born son, Arturiun, to the outpost for military & weapons training and as a political move (gaining favorable relations to the local country and their military). He is young, a little cocky, a little haute, but may be the best person to have an ale (or seven) with.  He is the most recent addition to the fort, going on his 3rd month.


Ekoh Fordice 2nd level cleric

HP 17 | AC 16 | +1 hit | mace: 1d6 +2 dmg. | all saves  +3 | usually has 3 cure spells & a bless spell

Ekoh is a young cleric who was sent from a nearby temple.  The outpost is a pilgrimage for many young priest and serves as a political gesture between the local temple and the military.  He is a steadfast but humble man.


Now create your own enemies who attempt to sack the fort.  Here are a few ideas…

  • A big group of Orcs with an owlbear or two
  • A group on un natural assassins who are there to kill an inhabitant
  • Horror setting?  Ancient Cemetery nearby provides a cast of skeletons for a necromancer.
  • Wyverns!
  • Crazed Barbarian tribe
  • Warring nations

Happy Gaming adventures, I will leave the rest to your imagination…

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