Here are some great tools to make maps for your campaign.



This app based map maker is an amazing tool and the easiest too learn.  A novice could learn to make a map within minutes using the easy and expansive interface.  And the best part?  IT’S FREE!

visit inkarante and sign up for the beta

Photoshop & Tools

While expensive, Photoshop is probably the best graphic design tool in the world.  You can pretty much do anything with Photoshop but it can take years to learn all the tricks.  Advanced & expert Photoshop users can set up their own version of Inkarnate by creating and using layer masks, textures, brushes and more.  Those looking for more detail and reusable tools can also blend Illustrator vector items in for extra measure.

Photoshop Tools

Stock sites like graphic river and social art sites like Deviant Art or Behance can provide specialized tools for Photoshop users.

Here are some examples…



Pixlr is basically an online knock off of Photoshop.  While not as advanced as Photoshop, it is a fantastic Free Resource.  There is a bit of a learning curve but you can watch some Youtube tutorials.




This is another online tool that can be used to generate maps.  The overhead city and dungeon items seem pretty robust but I admit that I have never used it before.

pyromancer map maker